Wednesday, August 27, 2014

thrifted threads: gardening duds

 it's another 'what i wore wednesday" once again 
and i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy.

i bought some plants yesterday and i am super motivated to clean up my garden beds, 
to do some raking and if i'm lucky, to get the newbies into the ground before the weekend.
so today, i'm wearing my gardening duds.

this is actually one of ian's old shirts that i've confiscated for myself. 

maybe because it is about 20 years old and made of 100% cotton,
it is super soft and comfy to wear.

i prefer wearing long sleeves when i work in the garden... 
can't be too safe against sun damage, 
and we have a ton of prickly blackberries that always seem to get my bare arms.

because the shirt is huge.... i took in the lower part of the sleeves.
it's a trick i've learned to retrofit oversize shirts.

if ian ever attempts to claim it back... 
he might have a hard time slipping his arms through. LOL

oh... and my denim hat of course... 
my favourite summer accessory !!!

yes, as soon as i'm finished with the garden,
 i'm putting on my "clean up the bedroom" duds.
please excuse the mess...


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