Sunday, August 3, 2014

driving through a postcard

every summer, for the past 20 years (maybe more)... 
we go on a very special road trip

our inner compasses pulls us east... 
towards family, friends and the hot, dry prairie.

after the ferry ride from the island,
it is a mere 13 hour drive from tsawwassen, british columbia to calgary, alberta 
but despite our kids' anxiousness to see their cousins... 
we take our time (three days...) and enjoy the ride.
the sceneries we go through are sooooo beautiful... 
it's like driving through a series of postcards!

we drive through several ecosystems...and three mountain ranges.

we break often to stretch our legs, refill our drinks,
line up for ice cream cones and washroom breaks.
we stop for our favourite swimming holes and easy-to-get-to hikes along the way.

we end our drives in the early afternoon... to check into our favourite motels, 
 find food and enjoy the swimming pool.

we begin our days late, enjoying a leisurely stroll through the mountain towns,
 finding a spot for hot coffee and breakfast in cafes favoured by the locals.

we love this drive...
it's tiring, even when we break it up as much as we do.

one has to be super alert to make it through the tight mountain passes and to 
manoeuvre through the increasing traffic of summer tourists.

we've seen plenty of accidents over the years, but we have been very lucky.

after twenty years of doing this postcard drive... 
we are still in awe of the beauty around every corner.


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