Monday, August 18, 2014

best garage in town

this past saturday was gorgeous...
 the temperature went up to 24 degrees celsius... 
just perfect for a weekend get-a-way.

we headed towards duncan, b.c. and spent the afternoon at the farmers market, 
around town, and finally at the duncan garage.

no... we weren't having car troubles ...
we stopped at the duncan garage for the best coffee (at least i think so)
 and cheese cake squares on the island.
their lunch menu and pastry selection is to-die-for !!!
they have a huge selection of vegetarian options
i really love their zucchini black bean patties... always served on a bed of greens.
after picking up your order from the counter, 
you get to sit in the most wonderful intersection of organic consumerism .
set inside a funky old building, the little cafe is joined with a bakery, a new/used bookstore 
and an organic grocery store, with ample seating sprawled in between.
our favourite spot is in the bookstore (of course)
who can resist the chance to sit and sip coffee surrounded by all those books and prayer flags.
finally, in the back of the building is the organic community farm store which carries 
a large selections of specialty items and earth-friendly products.
if you're like me, you're unlikely to walk out of this place without a couple of heavy 
loaves of home made bread tucked under each arm.
so if you are ever in duncan, b.c.
and you want to check out the most charming of places with the healthiest of snacks...
 look for this building...

or just follow the old railway tracks....

the duncan garage faces the old rail terminal and cowichan museum..
.it's easy to find !!



  1. Okay, that is one cool spot. Hoe fun to spend some time there, and the menu looks amazing!

    1. Kim, i think you would love this spot... it is so charming and the food is great.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!