Tuesday, August 5, 2014

12... whatever

a very special niece of mine turned twelve this week.
we were fortunate enough to be in town to help celebrate.

it was a simple yet memorable affair...
lots of hugs and kisses, mounds of good food and plenty of ice cream cake !

it is always so much fun to get together 
but celebrating someones birthday, 
especially a child's,
 is such a opportune occasion to celebrate his/her uniqueness and talents.

even with the earth's population already over seven billion people,
 each of us has something totally unique to offer that none of those other 
seven billion could possibly do.

some of us are lucky enough to realize this and have found purpose for our lives,
but our children still need constant reminding.

so every year, we blow the candles 
and watch the smoke carry our wishes to the universe.
then we share the cake....and enjoy these sweet moments of living !!!


p.s.  after the sugar rush... there is always time for discussing the big questions of life !!! LOL

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