Saturday, August 9, 2014

u:ber ube

i have always loved purple,
 and i seem to gravitate towards anything in this colour.

lucky for me, several of my favourite delicasies from the philippines 
are made with ube (purple yam).

 while we were visiting, 
my talented brother-in-law whipped up the most beautiful ube cake.

the cake's purpleness was so deep and majestic... 
and when you take a whiff, you can smell the intensity of ubeness within

in between each layer is a coating of macapuno (sweet coconut) and whipped cream.
this is dangerous because together,  the coconut and purple yam
 make for a deadly combination of flavours.

 the topping is the fluffiest meringue i have ever tasted... 
again delicately enhanced with ube flavouring

finally, what better way to finish the look 
but with purple yam sticks, individually filled with... yes, you guess correctly... ube !!!

isn't it spectacular?

all i can say is.... u:ber ube u rock  !!!



  1. Oh wow that is the most incredibly purple cake! I always think of yams as being a bit like potato but I guess they must be lighter to make a good cake - whatever the flavour it looks delicious!

    1. you can get dried powdered purple yam in the asian section of grocery stores (at least over here)... but the yam flavour in this cake was enhance with sweetened milk. thanks for stopping by


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!