Sunday, August 31, 2014

victoria, bc or bust

a few days ago, 
we spent the afternoon visiting the art gallery of greater victoria.
guess who we ran into.

hitchbot... the hitchhiking robot from port credit, ontario.

he has made it all the way to victoria, british columbia from halifax, nova scotia 
and is currently staying at the art gallery for the month of september.

i love the fact that he has traveled across canada.
i've done the trek across this vast, beautiful country of ours, a couple of times in my life... 
a journey i would highly recommend to all, especially fellow canadians.

i'm not too sure about the hitchhiking though...

the trip across the country, from coast to coast...
 would take approximately 5-6 days of solid 12 hour driving.
during our first trip across (a time before kids),
 we did it in just under four months... 
that's because we got off the trans canada highway and checked out 
all the quaint little towns, campgrounds, rivers, lakes and hiking trails along the way.

the second time... with five days of non-stop-except-for-sleep highway driving,
 i recall only a blur of fast changing scenery and pit stops and motel rooms 
(we were in a hurry to get back to start school).

thanks hitchbot... for making it to our island and inspiring others to do the same.
victoria, bc or bust !!!



  1. How cool is that?? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you're having a great weekend!! : )

    ~ Wendy


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!