Sunday, August 17, 2014

like mother, like daughter

in my daughter's eyes...
by Martina Mcbride

in my daughter's eyes i am a hero
i am strong and wise
and i know no fear
but the truth is plain to see
she was sent to rescue me
i see who i wanna be
in my daughter's eyes.

i was going through my camera roll, 
and found these pics....

they were taken on one of those lazy, crazy, summer afternoons,
spent hanging around our messy home,
being creative.

she was giving me a lesson on how to take selfies.

as a mother/daughter pair, 
we feed on each other's creativity.

i see so much of me in her... but she is definitely her own unique person.
today, she picks up on things/details/perspectives that only her teen eyes can see...
and  i'm grateful because she always shares her views with me.

now, looking at this series of shots,
i'm so glad that they captured both of us in them,
the lovingness, goofiness, happiness and all...



thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!