Monday, August 25, 2014

beautiful markings

my nieces and sister are visiting for a couple of days...
so it has been busy around here.

in between little tours around town, 
we've been spending lots of time enjoying the late august sun on the back deck.

 yesterday morning (or should i say almost noon)... 
when all the teens finally woke up,
the sun deck was perfect for a henna party.
 the henna came in a box from the craft store... 
complete with an application tool, design ideas and more.
after mixing up the ingredients... you only have a couple of days to use up the concoction
the cousins had a great time with it...
designing beautiful markings on their hands, arms, legs and feet.
 the little tube of henna was everlasting...
after all their limbs were covered,
i think they have enough left over skin paint to mark the whole of their backs.
it is so much fun sun-decking around with family... 
especially with a box of henna... such a creative, tactile, teen-age toy.



  1. What fun! Your designs looks amazing!

    1. they are getting really creative with their body art. first with nails, braids, and now this... it is so much fun being a girl these days... thanks for popping by.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!