Friday, August 29, 2014

s'mores anyone???

summer never feels complete until we've had a campfire.
now that the ban for campfires had been lifted... 
we finally got to have one,
in our backyard.

 until after the initial smoke out, while waiting for the fire to get nice and HOT... 
we gather all the little twigs, old newspaper, 
and secret papers from diaries to be burned as kindling.

we have a big tree in the backyard... 
so we have a ton of little branches to feed the fire.

it gets roaring really quickly... just in time for night fall !!!

there has been a change in the air..
.as we say goodbye to august and await september.

the fog horn has been blowing more frequently these days.
the nights have become chilly, so the fire is so inviting !!!

while we gather around it... and become mesmerize by the glow of the light... 
we share our stories and sing some silly songs
 and even ask our silly questions about life...
who's the patron saint for sore throats, for arthritis, of loneliness???  
did you know that there is a saint for each of these?

we didn't actually have any s'mores... 
but bags of popcorn and some other healthy stuff (NOT !!).

 as we chatted deep into the evening, we tried to hush our voices.
the time went quickly and soon , though it was way past their bedtime,
 the kids went into the tent which they had set up earlier.

'thank goodness'... i can imagine our neighbours saying.

it was a beautiful night !!!
i think we have enough wood for another roaring fire or two.


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