Saturday, February 28, 2015

last day of february

it's the last day of february.
come, and
walk with us to the
corner store....
the blossoms were so breathtaking...
we continued on
just a few blocks more !!!


Friday, February 27, 2015

grated crocuses

                             open your eyes
                             and see 
                             what you can see 
                             with them
                             before they close

                                    - anthony doerr
                                      all the light you cannot see
it has been an eye opening week...
volunteering with the dovetail program at the cridge centre for the family 
has exponentially increased my gratitude index for this life given to me.
working with women and children who come from abusive homes 
has really opened up my eyes to how very delicate the structure of the family is 
and how important our job as mothers truly is.

oh... but these women are strong !!!
and the children have such resilience and beautiful eyes !!!

wishing you all a wonderful weekend



a moment
a friday ritual, a single photo, no words, capturing a moment from the week
a simple, special, extraordinary moment
i want to pause, savour and 


inspired by soulemama

Thursday, February 26, 2015

pacifying by the pacific

i just need
some time
in a
place to
clear my

                         - anonymous
we've had a long stretch of sunshine and warm temperatures... 
but the weatherman was predicting rain 
and the clouds were quickly rolling in.

harlow and i looked at each other,
and knew exactly where and how we were spending the afternoon...

pacifying by the pacific !!!


joining miriam

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

thrifted threads: colourful saltspring

welcome to 
'what i wore wednesday'
today, i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for some fashion fun.

if you have read my weekend post 
you already know that on top of touring the main town of ganges
i stopped at the local thrift shop in saltspring island.

i found this sweater in the mens' rack (...the perfect hiding place for beautiful ladies sweaters)
the sweater is comfortable, so soft and easy to wash, 
and full of wonderful colours, just like the saltspring.

 i layered it over a matching cotton dress and added my favourite pair of jeans
 for a super casual west coast look.
what do you think???

while it is still quite chilly and frosty at night and early morning, 
the weather has been quite warm by midday 
that i've gotten away without a coat.
it's funny how i find my most colourful thrift treasures
 in the colourful island of saltspring.

happy humpday everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

knitting and reading: 02/24/15

here is another scrap blanket.
this time, all i used were white and off white coloured yarn.
i collected thrifted scrap yarn balls and old scarves to unravel in various weights and texture.
when i first started the blanket, i only used exclusively white yarn to see how the different textures would knit together, but the colour loving person in me found it too hard to continue.
then the idea that i could add off white shades popped into my head, and the knitting went much faster.

i finished doerr's all the light we cannot see and about to return it to the library.
it was beautifully written and well worth the read.
although i've never enjoyed reading stories about the world wars, doerr's style captivated me... especially how he wrote in the perspective of teenagers.
however, i have to say, that no matter how beautifully written- the images of war were still horrific and so difficult to process.

i also finished ishiguro's remains of the day.
i loved loved loved this book... and would highly recommend reading it.
i was surprised how different the movie was from the structure of the book and while both were well done... the book, like always, was so much better.
i thought that ishiguro's writing does a much more thorough job with the themes of dignity, loyalty and the art of bantering.

what are you knitting and reading?

Monday, February 23, 2015

i love salt spring

we made it to saltspring again this weekend
yup... you guessed it... another soccer tournament !!!

while the soccer people did their soccer thing, 
my son and i went off to check out the island 
(i am seriously the worst soccer mom !!!)

the weather was perfect,
the sun shone so all day that the colours of saltspring were more vibrant than ever.

it was a beautiful day - perfect for meandering and taking in all the islandy goodies and treasures.
after checking out my favourite island bookstore and thrift shop,
i met up with a friend from victoria
and enjoyed an extra large hot cup of coffee at barb's.

too soon, the soccer game was over (they got trounced 5 to hoo !!!)
and it was time to head back.

it is always a bit of a downer having to leave the island so soon.
thank goodness... for the beautiful ferry ride to lift our spirits all the way home.


wishing you all a beautiful start to your week !!!
joining karen

Sunday, February 22, 2015

before they blow away....

                                                                   in the end
                                                                   only three things matter:
                                                                   how much you loved,
                                                                   how gently you lived,
                                                                   and how gracefully you let go
                                                                   of things not meant 
                                                                   for you.


the blossoms are just about ready....
to blow away.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

silhouetted sunset

                                                       someone once told me to always
                                                       live for the little things 
                                                       in life.
                                                       live for 5am sunrises and 5pm sunsets
                                                       where you'll see colours in the sky that
                                                       don't usually belong.
                                                       live for road trips and bike rides
                                                       with music in your ears and
                                                       the wind in your hair.
                                                       live for days when you're surrounded
                                                       by your favourite people who make you realize
                                                       that the world is not a 
                                                       cold, harsh place.
                                                       live for the little things because
                                                       they will make you realise that
                                                       this is what life is about,
                                                       this is what it means to be
these february days have been so lovely lately
they have been filled with sunshine, clear skies, colourful blooms and blossoms
so much so that everyone (well... at least everyone that i bump into) is so cheerful and oh so happy
and the evenings... have been spectacular too !!

i've started walking before supper again.
at first, just to take in the cherry blossoms before they blow away
but now, i'm hooked because the sunsets have been breathtaking.
with all these extra walks, harlow weighed in a couple pounds less at the vet's.
(oh well... at least one of us is losing weight)

yup, here's to living for the little things in life !!!

wishing you all a beautiful weekend

Friday, February 20, 2015

moment: 02/20/15

a moment
a friday ritual, a single photo, no words, capturing a moment from the week
a simple, special, extraordinary moment
i want to pause, savour and 


inspired by soulemama