Thursday, July 31, 2014

thrifted threads: cowtown dresses

it is what i wore wednesday again
and i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy

we are in calgary, alberta for a summer holiday...
and it has been extremely warm !!!

but a visit with sisters and cousins is a good enough reason to get dressed up.

the challenge is finding something to wear when the temperature soars 
to 38 degrees celsius in the air conditioned shade.

the dress i am wearing was thrifted en route to calgary.
i found it in a tiny, adorable thrift shop that was 
hiding deep inside beautiful golden, bc.
i couldn't resist its' flower pattern, denim colour, and a price tag of a full toonie.

for the remainder of this photo shoot,
 i invited anyone in the room who was wearing thrifted or 
hand-me-down clothing to join in....   

so with me is my beautiful niece and my darling daughter.

i wonder how they do that???? 
looking cool, fresh and so very lovely in this extreme prairie heat ???

wishing everyone a wonderful summer .


bridge over kicking horse

golden,bc was one of the stops during our summer road trip.
we chose a little, cozy motel in the city centre 
(very reasonably priced with two pools, a sauna and most importantly, free wifi... LOL)

it was a great choice, because directly across the road from it 
was this beautiful wooden bridge.

 it was called the kicking horse pedestrian bridge 
because it crossed over the kicking horse river.
you can access it in golden spirit square

 it is said to be the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in canada, 
measuring 46 meters (151 feet) across.and constructed of douglas fir timbers.

furthermore,  the bridge intersects the walking paths that circles the river. 
 this was definitely harlow's favourite part of our stay

i really loved it too, because i found a perfect bench to enjoy 
my morning cup of coffee, read my book,and people watch, 
while i waited for the rest of my travelling troop to wake up.

it's a definite must stop and see... if you are ever in golden, bc !


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

totally neglected...

there is a tiny piece of garden in the east side of our home 
that we tend to neglect completely
we hardly ever go through this way...

but for some reason, 
despite the lack of watering, the lack of tending, and the lack of attention, 
the plants in this section of my garden do remarkably well.

the croscomias are so vibrant...
 i am shocked by their beauty when i see them because all the other croscomias 
elsewhere in my garden aren't thriving at all !!!

the hostas that i planted when we moved into the house 18 years ago, 
keep getting bigger (i've divided this three times already) and seem to be resistant of slugs,
unlike the other hostas in my yard.

i know that hostas like shade so it's a mystery to me how this one survives the heat...

then there is this vintage rose that has been here since before we moved in.  
it is the most fragrant and the most prickly of all my plant collection.  

i've trimmed it down drastically in past years but it keeps coming back, 
prickling whoever comes through that gate !!!

this is the door to the side shed that is located in same east garden pictured above.
ian  built it with all the extra wood that came with the house when we purchased it.

and this is wisteria...
someone once told me that you could never kill a wisteria...
 this is living proof !!!

yes, i know that i am royally blessed to have such beauty in my surroundings ... 
but to be neglectful and be pardoned year after year
 by such a forgiving plot of nature has made me doubly aware of it.


Saturday, July 26, 2014


the moss street paint-in happened last saturday
it is probably one of my favourite events for the summer....

every year, moss street in victoria is closed from car traffic 
and all sorts of artists come out and showcase their talents

we always start at the top of the hill, by the art gallery, 
and walk down towards the beach then back.
will you come for a stroll with me ??

every year, locals and visitors come and fill the street.
this particular saturday turned out to be partly cloudy... 
so it was perfect lighting (not too sunny, not too much glare) 
for viewing all the different artistry.

there were several artists actually doing their craft on site 
or giving free scheduled demonstrations... 
it was so inspiring !!!

and several talented musicians filled the street with beautiful music.

 every year... 
something jumps out and grabs me...
this was my favourite... i've always adored wonder woman !!!
i just wished i took more photos of his work...


and there is Blythe with his woodpile collective !!!

there was a kids' corner and plenty of opportunity for all ages to leave an artistic mark...

it was a beautiful way to spend a saturday...