Tuesday, August 19, 2014

no sidewalks...yet so quaint

 this past weekend was a beautiful one on the island.
we stopped in cowichan bay for a walk about and some ice cream.

after leaving our car in one of the local docking/parking lots 
(which had amazing view of the bay)...
  we headed into town, only a few minutes away.

 on the way in, we walked pass all these beautiful houses, 
whose front doors were basically only a few feet from the main road, 
without even a sidewalk to separate them.

the sidewalkless walk will lead you into the lovely village centre of cowichan bay.

it was so quaint... over commercialism hasn't taken over, and the lane was dotted 
with cafes, bakeries, ice cream shops and art studio/galleries.

we found some gelato for the kiddies
 and also a great spot for coffee and some lemon raspberry scones.

and finally before we headed back home,
 we stopped to walk through the cowichan bay maritime centre.

yes, it was a lovely afternoon...
 in a lovely seaside village.



  1. Just lovely. One day I will visit the west coast, and I can't wait to take in all these places you share with us.

    1. you will love the west coast, our island has really come alive since i've moved here (almost 20 years ago)

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thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!