Tuesday, August 12, 2014

little buddy...

what do you do, in the middle of the afternoon, 
when it's way too warm to be outside and the trip to the
 swimming pool isn't happening for another hour or two????

 you take out that box of mix and match socks that are way too small for pre-teen feet 
(and in my children's case - hobbit proportions- just kidding), 
get some buttons, and some yarn, and don't forget the some rice....
and make your own little buddy.

 my super crafty sister found a great site on the internet with all the instructions, 
then she supplied all the material (only the yarn was from my knitting bag).
inspiration overtook them, 
and the kids, including my 16 yr old son, got to the land of busy !!!

 you start with the tops of two socks...
add your buttons for eyes, and yarn for hair, arm and legs.

 then both top pieces get sewn together, 
but be sure to leave a little opening...

 for fillers..
we funneled in some rice.

finally, the yarn is pulled tight and knotted to make the buddy's neck 
and give shape to it's head and torso.

so simple and so much fun !!!
i know, because i got in on the action and made my own...
isn't she cute????


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