Sunday, August 24, 2014

waiting for barb's

yesterday was another lovely saturday in victoria.

with hungry cousins from out of town visiting, 
we decided to head down to fisherman's wharf to check out the seals
 and maybe get some of barb's famous fish and chips.
i said maybe about barb's...
 because being the best fish and chip joint in the city,
 the line up is sure to be long.

and it was...
but despite all the wait 
(a mere 35 minutes to get to the top of the line and another 10 to get the food)
 the kids lined up for their calamari, fish, chicken, fries and drinks anyways.

they were smart about it...
they took turns keeping their place in line and taking in the sights around the wharf.

the resident seals were hungry ...
they were eager to pose for the camera in exchange for a fishy treat.

it ended up being a very lovely afternoon.

we found a perfect table so we could sit, talk, people watch and warm our backs with the sun.
when the food finally arrived, it was delicious... and was definitely worthy of the wait.

i love these summer days... when no one is in a hurry and actual waiting is pleasurable.
the sun wasn't too hot... so basking in it was a treat.
everyone was well hydrated... so the grumpy(s) didn't make an appearance.
we hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks... so there was much to catch up on.

 a couple of hours later...
we sauntered home.


how was your saturday?

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