Sunday, August 10, 2014

cheaper than therapy

have you ever found something that you love to do so much... 
that you wake up excited just because 
you know it will be part of that day's agenda???

i have... 
and it's not the machine you see below.
that's just part of the warm up.

four times a week, i get on a stationary bicycle at the local gym 
and feel the endorphin levels rise within my body. 
 i'm in great company because several of the other patrons, 
particularly fellow stationary cyclists, have become good friends.

we have had great conversations while getting our heart rates up,
we've solved many world problems and discussed numerous life predicaments. 

but after all this preliminary work of socializing and warming up... 
comes the best part

after a good long stretch... 
comes the fastest, mind-blowing choreography to thrill both mind and body.
if you haven't tried it... it's called STEP aerobics.

classes vary in level of choreography.  
the basic level classes incorporates a sequence of basic moves
 while more advance classes use dance elements such as 
mambos, tangos, directional changes, spins and turns

i have stepped for over ten years... so i really enjoy the more advance classes.  
we are very fortunate because  victoria has some of the best instructors
 who excel in their choreography design and cuing capabilities.

since one has to be totally focused 
in order to execute the complicated dance moves
 and to avoid injury such as tripping or falling off of the step, 
advance steppers must clear their minds of everything 
and be totally in the moment.

for a full hour, you must focus on your breathing, 
on where your feet touches, and on how your knees align.  
on top of all of this you must listen to the cues and to the beat of the music.

 as a reward, the magic of movement and dance takes over !!!

after a step class, 
my mind is so exhilarated and my body so invigorated from the 
dancing and the music that i leave the gym feeling like i can face
 whatever the rest of my day has to offer me.

it aligns me, it centres me, it resets me
it really is cheaper than therapy !!!


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