Saturday, August 30, 2014

clearing out the clearance rack

i kind of went crazy the other day...

we were in root cellar
our neighbourhood farmers' market to pick up some fruits and veggies 
when we took a detour into their nursery to take a gander on what is growing.

my sister was the first to spot it....
the clearance rack filled with plants.

i had been admiring all the hydrangea that have been blooming around town lately 
and had made a mental note to get some for our yard...
and there they were... half price !!
definitely, law of attraction in action.

i also picked up a great selection of hellebore species. 
 i love the fact that they start blooming in december 
and more importantly that they are deer resistant.

 finally... i picked up four different scented geraniums:  
chocolate mint, lemon, orange and ginger.

it really is quite the loot. because i think i cleared out the clearance rack.
these pictures only show half the purchase 
because i had already placed some of the plants in the garden.

the garden is getting full...
but tomorrow, i'm going back for some bulbs!!!


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