Friday, August 1, 2014

men in purple tour

i had the best tour of downtown calgary 
following these two men in purple.

i really wanted to see the infamous bow building up close,
but didn't know how to get there on my own....

 but the men in purple led the way...
taking the most interesting of paths to get there.

the bow building was quite the sight.

however, the unexpected surprise for me sat at the base of the highest tower in calgary.

sitting as a welcoming feature to the bow building was
juame plensa's 12 meter sculpture of a young girl's head,
entitled "wonderland"

isn't she stunning?
her name is anna, she is a twelve year old girl from northern spain.
her giant head is designed with a thick wire mesh.

after touring the main floor of the bow building,
we exited out the northwest corner and found 
juame plensa's second commissioned piece,
entitled "alberta's dream'.

the bronze sculpture is said to be a self-portrait of plensa that incorporates
 the names of the various albertan cities and towns.

simply spectacular !!!
thank you, men in purple, for taking us here !!!...


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