Wednesday, May 28, 2014

thrifted threads: tent turns tunic

the beauty about thrifting 
is that you never know what you are going to find.

the trick is to have an idea of what is in fashion 
and what look you are trying to achieve.

i stumbled upon this dress because... how could i not?
the stripes were practically jumping off the hanger.

i was lucky, because it was hiding in the plus size section 
(which, by the way, is my favourite section of thrift shops).

it was ginormous on me,  
it was tailored for someone much bigger and much taller than i am.

if i had a staff and a herd of sheep... i could be a shepherdess.

if i had some poles and some stakes... it could be a tent.

it was one of those pieces that needed imagination, 
and some minor tweaking
and for $4.00 why not?

the stripes were gorgeous, i loved the way they flowed in different direction.
if mrs. roper (three's company) could pull it off, i could too?
at least i thought so...

after trying it on at home 
and deciding that although i absolutely adore
 the randiest landlady and her fabulous muumuus, 
helen roper's look was not for me.

i took out my handy dandy scissors and lopped off half the dress.

this tunic length suited my frame much better.

i kept the accessories to a minimum (aka nada...)
because i thought the stripes were making quite a statement already.

i paired it off with some cropped jeans
and voila....

i am so happy with how my 'tent to tunic' project turned out
that i wear this outfit every chance i can.

the temperature this past week,
 had been hovering around 15 degrees celsius
so this outfit totally worked.

what about you... would you dare lop off a tent to make a tunic?
i'd love to hear about your thrifting adventures...


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