Wednesday, May 21, 2014

thrifted threads: mexican kaftans

i found these kaftans during our last visit to puerto vallarta mexico.

if you've ever been to a mexican market, the ones that cater to the tourists shopping to bring home a reminder of the of beach/palm trees/pina colada, 
you'll know how overwhelming they can be.

when you go through these market stalls you are faced with a gazillion items,
 all screaming at you to look at them.

well, to me, these kaftans where screaming the loudest !!!
after passing by them a few times on the way to the beach, 
i decided take a closer look at them.

this style, in particular, has an elephant motif running down the front.
and better yet, all the elephants had their trunks raised 
(supposedly, a sign of good luck, according to my mom).
mexicans aren't afraid of colour.
to these beautiful people, any colour of the rainbow is the new black !!!

i couldn't decide on which colour to take, i had narrowed it down to these four 
(turquoise, purple, red, and navy)
after watching me and waiting for me to make up my mind,
 the sweet little shop owner says, "take all for 200 pesos !!!" ($20 canadian)

so i did...
how could i resist such a deal? 
 individually they were 60 pesos each.
she was so sweet for giving me a deal 
and taking me out of my misery for having to choose from my favourites, 
that i also bought two litres of pure vanilla, two mexican ponchos, 
several wooden spatulas, and other knick knack souvenirs.

back home in victoria, bc,   i wear my kaftans all the time.  
they look great with cropped jeans and sandals.


p.s. though these kaftans weren't thrifted, they certainly were thrifty... 
so i'm including them in my thrifted thread series

p.p.s  today i'm linking up with style elixir and the pleated poppy for 
what i wore wednesday
i'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my linking actually links


  1. Love the Kaftans on you. Especially the red and white one. Christina Hendricks of Mad Men was talking about Kaftans when she was on. Looks very comfy and pretty
    Please drop by PP linkup

    1. thanks Jessica... i popped by your blog today... it's your style


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!