Saturday, May 10, 2014

going ballistic!!!

everything in my jungle/ backyard is going ballistic!!!

if we didn't mow the lawn every three days... mowgli, baloo and bahgeera would think that they were home...

things are growing sooo quickly you have to be super observant to see all the changes.

check out what happened over the last few days:
a week ago (wisteria on deck)

yesterday (wisteria on deck)

a week ago (wisteria by rock wall)

yesterday (wisteria by rock wall)

i love wisteria...
****because they are purple,
****because they are fragrant,
****because they can really soften up garden hardscapes like our fence or deck,
and most of all....
****because you can't kill them.

on another note... check out how these lilies captured the sunshine....

hope y'all having a wonderful saturday!!!!

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