Friday, May 9, 2014

artist in residence

i have my very own artist in residence... 
(but he wants to remain incognito in blogsphere)

he has been producing artwork since he was around two years old  
(when he got his first magic drawing board)

actually, it's quite amazing to watch him 
because the artistry that comes through him is so fluid. 

it just flows so quickly and effortlessly... 
no pondering, no erasing, no hesitation.  

we had a lot of scrap paper around the house 
(my old university essays, my husbands dusty work reports, brown paper grocery bags)... 
he would use anything available and start to draw.

i noticed that the amount of his art work would begin to decrease 
when his felt markers got dull and then become prolific again 
after i bring home a new set.

he drew and drew and drew (*i will showcase his earlier work in a future blog)

now, as a teen, he still draws constantly but 
mostly in his notebooks or journals, which he keeps private.  
i know and am thankful that all his art and drawing helps him 
process through all that teenage angst.

but once in a while, he comes and presents me with some of his genius. 

some of them i have already framed... 
some i have hanging on pin boards....

 and some i've asked him to give to me way before mothers' day...



  1. Wow, he is really amazing! Love his art. You have a very talented artist living in your house!

    1. very special guy alright... thanks Miriam


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!