Tuesday, May 6, 2014

buddy of mine...

i've been thinking a lot about friendship these past few days.  a really good friend of mine just passed away and reels and reels of good memories of her keep rolling in my mind.  

our friendship had the luxury of time and youth and lack of responsibilities.  we met at uwo (university of western ontario) when all we had to do was find ourselves while keeping up our grade point average.

she was my library buddy, my squash partner, my coffee mate.  we shared bags and bags of licorice and popcorn which fueled the conversations that many times took us through the night into early morn.

her smile was infectious...  i'm smiling now just thinking about it.

with such a friendship under my belt, i always thought i would make more and more of the same.   but it's hard work.  our responsibilities and little nuclear families take over.  at the most, i have an hour or two to cultivate those friendships because duty calls.

her passing leaves me listless and disoriented.  so i spend time walking my dog and meditating on powerful poetry.  


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