Friday, May 23, 2014

ten things to tell: romantic comedies

ten things to tell:  
this is a list of ten romantic comedies that i watch over and over and over again.

i've watched them so often,
i have memorized most of the dialogue... 
and i could watch them muted if someone fell asleep beside me.

i tend to watch them when a day has been particularly taxing 
and i need a reminder not to take things too seriously.

besides the characters, i have fallen in love with the story lines, 
their outfits and the cinematography.

i have listed them but they are not ordered in any way... all are equally enjoyable

if you haven't watch them...
 i recommend you check them out... no spoilers here!!!

you've got mail:  

meg ryan's manhattan studio apartment is to die for... 
her bookish fashion style is adorable... 
i love the whole internet love affair and the bookstore setting.

someone like you: 

ashley judd's outfits are so cute...
the grey blue background in the sets is so striking and complements the costumes perfectly.

something's gotta give: 

i love the beach house...
diane keaton's monochromatic outfits are perfect...
and i love how jack nicholson's machismo trounces keanu reeves'.


johnny depp as a pirate (should i say more?)...
the make over of the chocolate shop is my favourite scene...
and the small french village is so quaint and beautiful.

about a boy: 

i love hugh grant's apartment... 
and toni collette is hilarious in her yeti outfit and rendition of 'killing me softly"


paz vegas is gorgeous and tea leoni plays a perfect type a businesswoman turned housewife... 
the los angeles beach house setting is spectacular !!!
bruce almighty: 

jim carey is so talented...
and jennifer aniston is actually so sweet in this one...
steve carell got me laughing so hard during his scene.
benny and joon:  

johnny depp's physical comedy rendition of charlie chaplin is fantastic...
also mary stuart masterson and aidan quinn's house in the movie is so beautiful in a artsy/bohemian way
miss congeniality:  

benjamin bratt is just tooo cute...
and sandra bullock's makeover is captivating!!!
pet detective:  

jim carey's talent at its best !!!
my favourite scene is carey sunflower seed munch out....

which romantic comedies are your favourites???


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