Saturday, May 24, 2014

fine weather for ducks...

we finally got some rain yesterday....
thank goodness, because i didn't want to have to water my garden just yet.

i love the rain... 
and i love my umbrella.

the daisies on its canopy make any rainy day adventure fun!!!

the ribs and the stretchers are so well constructed that it can withstand 
fairly good blows by mother nature.

harlow doesn't like the rain.
harlow doesn't like umbrellas either.

poor harlow, you are coming for a walk whether you like it or not!!!

we gotta check out how waterproof these boots are...

i spotted these boots at a local thrift shop and fell in love with the daisies right away !!!

they are super comfortable...
and now, after testing, i can say waterproof (hurray!!!)

if you can believe it, these are my first rain boots....
despite the evidence of puddling, it seldom really rains in Victoria, 
forecasted rain turns out to be more like a mist most of the time

now, with my new daisy boots,
 i can puddle jump with my puddle jumping 13 yr old daughter !!! 

on our last block towards home, 
harlow and i met up with mr. snail.

he obliged us with a good stretch for the photoshoot
and went on his merry way.

harlow was happy to be back in a dry home...

and ready for another nap
after a good towelling down !!

hope you're having a super saturday !!!!


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