Thursday, May 15, 2014

throw a blanket over it !!!

for the longest time, i wanted to pick up the paint brush and start painting again.

having taken several watercolour classes in the past (a time a way before kids),  i have several fond memories of working/playing with paint.

but life was busy (at least, in my head it was)...  painting requires discipline and my desire to play with liquid colour just kept getting ignored.

but last summer, 
the south-west coast of the vancouver island got an extra long stretch of sunny days.

the incredible quality of light that was streaming through the north facing window of our house couldn't be wasted... it provided the perfect condition for playing with the paintbrush.

so.... i found my old brushes
picked up a cool drying rack and a stool to work on...
bought some paint... 
(i ended up clearing out the acrylics at the dollar store.)
how could i resist when you can buy two for a dollar???
picked up some discarded corrugated cardboard boxes during recycling day...
 big screen tv boxes dismantle into perfect cheap canvases 

i even got some brand new canvases for my birthday
and i started painting again...
i had soooooo much fun...
all my free time last summer was spent in front of the canvas... i got up only when my back or my legs got stiff or sore... or when it was time to feed the inmates.

but this hobby made a mess of our living room (i forgot to mention, i don't have a studio)
it was the first thing you see when you come through the front door.

i needed a way of hiding /camouflaging the chaos.
the solution was too easy... i knitted a blanket to throw over the mess !!!!
i picked colours to match one of my corrugated pieces and together they made an attractive and fun feature wall.
with the return of long sun filled days, i've started to paint again .
although things are still pretty hectic around here, the kids' activities are starting to wind down and i'm finding time to enter that flow again.


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