Monday, May 5, 2014


i'm a morning person.
actually, i'm a very very-early morning person.  
it's usually still dark when i wake up.

i love this time of day, because the house is so quiet...
even the dog is still asleep.  
i get so excited about the potential of the day
 that i usually jump out of bed raring to go.
but because my internal clock wakes me up so early... i'm usually first to bed.
now that my kids are older, they come to my bedroom to tuck me in...LOL

where am i going with this???
sunsets don't usually impress me.  
they mark the end of the day and i'm usually really busy around that time 
trying to tidy things up that witnessing the setting sun is the last of my priorities.

eeeeeeexcept.... when we go on vacation.
this year, our days in puerto vallarta were punctuated by the sunset 
which occured at around 7:30 pm every evening.

on holidays, i don't have to cook or clean or go grocery shopping 
or chauffeur my kidlings to soccer or karate or even walk the dog.
instead, i get to put on a pretty summer outfit 
and join the rest of the tourists and locals on a saunter down the malecon 
to enjoy the fine, fine weather and get something to eat.
we time our walks perfectly...
as we reach the end of the malecon... 
thousands of camera lenses start clicking 
to capture the reds and pinks and oranges across the sky
i don't know why they are smiling for the camera, 
because the sun takes centre stage and everything else is silhouetted.
they were so beautiful...
they really did take my breath away...


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