Saturday, May 31, 2014

picture window

when we moved into this house,
almost 18 years ago,
this window did not exist.

instead, a solid wall with a teeny tiny window measuring 2ft by 2ft 
was the only portal into the south facing back yard.

can you imagine it???

like new homeowners, we didn't have much money left after purchasing our home.
so the wall remained... (for at least four years).

we were busy changing wall colours, refinishing floors, replacing doors and 
other projects that kept us returning to home depot.

then, i don't quite remember what hit us... severe light depravity, i think!!!

we would spend hours in the back yard,  or on the deck,
then come inside, and feel so completely cut off from where we just were....
we so ached for that continuity of indoor/outdoor...

so we phoned our favourite handy person...
the incredible mr. bugslag 
(yes, that is his real name)

we told him what we wanted....

he told us what was feasible....

and then he worked his magic.

the window came with three panels,
each measuring 2ft by 5 ft.  

we wanted it to be as big as we could get.

we wanted the window to resemble 
the other windows of this 
old 1917 house of ours.

only the third panel, 
furthest to the right,

can you spot the handle?

the project turned out soooo perfect.
since this wall faces south, our kitchen is now flooded with morning light.
we are now able to cook and putter around in the kitchen
 while enjoying a view of our back garden.

the total bill was so reasonable,
 we couldn't have bought an original painting with the same dimensions
 to fill this space with what we had spent.

anyways, i wouldn't have chosen a painting over this live, ever changing scene.
would you?

 we were so happy with our new window, 
you can just imagine our ecstasy when we 
doubled our pleasure with $50 mirrors from ikea.

fourteen years later, we are still tickled pink with this project...
it was pivotal in making this space our very own!!!


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