Saturday, May 3, 2014

garden of we'eden

we live in the garden city of victoria, home of the famous buchart.

we have a little eden of our own, a little corner of the world where dandelions thrive and the divisions from generous neighbours and friends find room to stretch their roots.

when we bought our house (almost 18 years ago), there was nothing in the backyard but an english walnut tree.  to this day, i believe that Ian and i signed those papers because of this beautiful tree and not the four walls we now call home.

i do not have a green thumb.
i neglect to water and only pity them when the weather gets scorching and underfoot gets crunchy.

but somehow, things keep coming back every spring and even the weeds grow lovelier over the years.

i love this time of year... (despite the noise of the weedwackers and leafblowers and mowers)

hope you're all enjoying the springing of new life

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