Saturday, May 17, 2014

a sea of pink

yesterday, cole, harlow and i walked through the hospital grounds 
on our way to the dentist.

this is what surprised us as we turned the corner,

a sea of pink.

the jubilee grounds were filled with azaleas in full bloom.

we stopped and admired the intensity of the colour,
and how overwhelmingly stunning was the pink, or should i say magenta, of the shrubs.

we were in awe and both of us had the widest smiles on our faces.
i'm sure that harlow (our four legged friend) had a grin too.

it made me especially happy to know that all the patients, that were walking through, were getting the same hit of colour therapy as they visited the cancer unit.

the shrubs were sooooo beautiful, they took our breath away.

then my son says...
"mom, you're wearing the exact same colour!!!"
(my first born who has never ever noticed my wardrobe before)

so out came the camera...

for an impromptu photo shoot .

harlow was happy to do his thing...

and the azaleas showed off their beauty in front of the lens.

we were having soooooo much fun, we almost lost track of time.
but, i'm happy to report... we made it to the dentist on time (just....)
(and yay... no cavities!!!)

maybe tomorrow, i'll put on my brightess orange and see if i can find a rhodo of the same hue.


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