Friday, May 16, 2014

spider web

on my way out yesterday morning, 
as i was about to get on my bike, 
i came across a spiderless spider web.
it was so beautiful, i had to run back to get my camera.

the spider's web
by Enid Blyton

it hangs where daisies mauve and white
stand dreaming in the morning light,

a spider's web, a fairy thing
whose threads to daisy-petals cling,

and quiver in the sunlit air;
and on the cobweb here and there
round beads of amber dew are hung
by elfin fingers deftly strung

along each gleaming silver thread.
the hairy spider-witch has fled

and crouches in a huddled heap,
beneath a daisy, half asleep.

and for this hour of sun and dew,
the web belongs to me and you!
taken from The Enid Blyton Book of Poetry 1934

like the poem said, the spider was just asleep somewhere, 
it was back when i returned two hours later.

are you impressed by the beauty and intricacy of spiderwebs???

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