Thursday, May 8, 2014

dream / house tour

did you ever have that dream where you open a door to a room then find another door within that leads to yet another room?

i have that dream all the time... (maybe because it's my favourite)... and better yet, when i accidentally wake up in the middle of it, i can usually make myself go back to sleep and return to the very spot where the dream was interrupted.

the dream usually starts with me in a room i'm familiar with or a room i occupy frequently in real life.  

from that room i'll enter and explore all the other rooms that lead from it.  

as i walk through, i'll be admiring the decor, the colours of the walls and the textures of the rugs, the placement of the furniture,  the various light fixtures, the windows and the vistas that they frame, and all the little details that make the space.
although i'm familiar with the rooms, i notice another door that i've never opened before and discover that it isn't locked. 

 i enter and find another whole set of rooms that mazed into each other,  each of them with a totally different style of decor that i've ever seen before.
i love love love that dream... maybe because i love configuring space,  working out furniture placements, using colour, texture and design.  ( darn it...i should have been a home decorator or an architect!!!)

in waking life, this dream is comparable to walking through IKEA (if only IKEA featured their spaces with walls).

in waking life, this dream is played out over and over again,  with a doll house that i found in a thrift store for $5.00... the furniture came in a plastic bag for another $5.00  (it was a present for my daughter but guess who plays with most often?)

the walls still need new wallpaper, the windows still need curtains, there are still tons of wallspace for art pieces... the potential is limitless!!!

do you have a favourite dream?  do you get to play out your dream while you're awake?

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