Thursday, May 29, 2014

a rare find

 i spotted something so rare ... 
so incredibly uncommon... 
(at least it was to me,...)

if you don't already know, i live in victoria, bc (aka the city of gardens).
here, in the southern tip of vancouver island, flowers start popping out and 
showing off their colours as early as january.

by february, victoria holds a flower count... 
an annual event organized by butchart gardens and tourism victoria. 

it's actually a way victorians show off 
the fact that we have the mildest climate in canada 
(spring temps averages between 10-15 degrees celsius) 
while the rest of canada and much of the united states 
is still in the cold clutches of winter.

if you like gardens, this is your city.

if you don't like gardening, 
its very likely that your neighbour will garden your lot for you 
or that you'll be converted soon after.

it's difficult to live in victoria and not catch the gardening bug... 
you are bombarded with blooms from every corner,
the nurseries run incredible plant sales,  
and if your are low in gardening funds, 
just walk around the neighbourhood and you'll find free divisions 
from generous gardeners just waiting for you to bring them home.

since walking harlow (the dog) is my other full time job, 
i've become very aware of all the blooms in the neighbourhood.

i know the block where the yellow tree peony grows, 
or which corner to find the biggest collection of irises of every variation.

i know where some of the thickest meadows of blue camas are,
and where the smelliest of roses reside.

over the years, i've watched the neighbourhood garden beds 
become wider and ever more colourful.

being a very visual person, 
i'm captivated by all the different hues and shades that a particular plant displays.

most captivating at this moment... are the poppies which are in full bloom !!!

aside from its natural brilliant orange-scarlet, 
selective breeding for gardens has created a range of colors.

  starting from the top of the blog, 
these are the colours i've seen around the hood:  
orange red, salmon pink, pale orange, pink, and red.

but yesterday, i stumbled on a rarity....
the blue himalayan poppy

apparently, this blue poppy is the national flower of bhutan 
and is notoriously difficult to grow.

and here they were, just waiting for me... 

unlike the other poppies that thrive in full sun, 
the blue himalayan requires a cool, sheltered position.

and that it exactly were i found it, under the shade of a large rhododendron.

finding rarity is so exhilarating....
  • it forces me to fine tune my senses and to slow my pace so i can take notice of what's in my life-path;
  • when everything becomes routine, it reminds me that there is so much more out there, waiting for me, to be discovered;
  • finally, to witness something so uncommon is such a gift to the soul because it reminds me that uniqueness/ individuality/ not-fitting-the mold is so stunningly mind blowing and refreshing.  

why would anyone/anything strive to be otherwise???

have you spotted anything so rare lately that it blew your mind away?
i'd love to hear about it.



  1. I love poppies. Those blue ones are fantastic.

  2. Poppies are beautiful. And those blues ones are just gorgeous.

    I had no idea you were in BC, how awesome, another Canadian :)

    1. i'm originally from kingston, ont but have been in victoria for awhile now... have you ever been out this way?

  3. Such pretty flowers! My irises just started to bloom here...of course it was in the middle of two days of downpours, so they are looking a little sad right now :-)

    1. i really hate it when the irises get tall and beautiful, then the rain and wind give them a battering...did you take any pics?


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!