Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mamas' day

today, i woke up to this....
like i've mentioned before, i'm a very early riser.
that means that someone was busy super late last night inorder to make this day special just for me (we came home very late from a bbq at a friend's)

i don't know why streamers make me happy but they really do...
in our home, they usually come up during very special days like birthdays.

officially, these are the first libbyloo streamers for mothers' day,,, just for me
i've never had breakfast in bed because i've usually walked the dog, been to the gym, and picked up some groceries before anyone else begin to stir and start their day.. so in our family we will be brunching.

most of all, today.... i look forward to all the extra long hugs and many kisses!!!
at this point of my life, most of my friends are mothers of teens, but i also have many friends who have chosen to be mothers in a different way:
     -some have menageries of animals that they feed, groom, exercise, vacuum after,
     -others open up their homes to students from other countries who need a safe                            comfortable place to stay,
     -others are nurturers of gardens, even when the weather is less that pleasant, tthey are               out there to make sure all their plants are tucked in safely
      -and some have grown up children who have moved away so they take care of those                 around them (both young and old).

from all these special women, i have learned the art of caring and of giving of yourself to others. 

wishing you all a happy mamas' day !!!!


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