Tuesday, May 13, 2014


meet harlow...
 he is my first dog
i haven't stopped vacuuming since we got him...

he is almost 6 years old
he is a lab mix/cross (possibly some dane because he has really long legs, and possibly some collie because he has this beautiful white bib)
we got him as a pup from the local SPCA... he was the runt of the litter ...
but now he weighs almost 90 lbs!!

he loves to sit on the front steps and watch all the action... 
because we live on a designated bike route, there are numerous cyclists that pedal by.

there is a daycare business on our street... so we see lots of pick ups and drop offs and groups of children walking during their little outings mid day.

also, our road is a favourite route to get to the neigbouring  hospital and high school.

he has a girlfriend... her name is CJ  
they are soooo in love!!! (who wouldn't love such a handsome guy???)
when they see each other they actually kiss and lick each other's mouths.... 
(GET A ROOM already !!!!)
he gets to stay with CJ when we go away on holidays...

he is not much of a guard dog... because he hardly ever barks
but he does a good job of keeping the deer away from my flowers.

he only chases squirrels that are on the same side of the street he is walking on 
(he has soooo much restraint)

he loves to chase black crows... he runs after them, leaping (hoping he could fly)

he loves peanuts and almonds.
he can hear a peanut shell crack from a mile away, and he stares at you and makes you share at least half your loot

he keeps all of us healthy and sane because he forces us to stop and take him for walks. 
because of him, i've come to really love walking, i've found that even when it doesn't look so nice outside, walking with harlow is really quite pleasant.

 when he gets tired of all the socializing on the front steps he chillaxes in the backyard for the rest of the day!!!
i usually join him there because lately, it's been like sitting inside a painting

we love him soooooooo much...


  1. He is adorable! What a handsome guy. CJ got herself a hot boyfriend!
    Your yard really does look like a painting, it's gorgeous!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!