Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my second address

 our local public library has the most beautiful spring display... 
that i just have to share with you !!!

suspended in mid air, 
smack dab centre above the information desk, 
is this larger than life and 
pinker than pink paper flower on a tree branch.

its enormous size just grabs your attention 
the second you step into the library.

i was immediately drawn to it

usually i head straight to the fast read or fast view shelves
to check out the new titles in books, bluerays and dvds.

or i b line it to the hold shelves because
i'm so excited to see which of my requested books/dvds have arrived for me.

but not today, i was captivated by this display!!

behind the pink gauzy petals of the flower is a nest 
filled with eggs or hatching eggs (i couldn't really tell)

the eggs or hatchlings look similar to the origami art form 
and they were constructed with bright coloured paper filled with words.

if you look along the branch,
you will see a bird 
also made with coloured paper covered with words.

i'm assuming with it's wings spread out, 
the bird is either flying towards the nest or about to take off.

 the whole display was stunning !!!

i love this imagery of the written words hatching to become a bird in flight.

the whole idea of birthing imagination...
or of formulating ideas...
or of expanding knowledge...
all from reading (written words).

i love the library

it is my favourite place to hang out.
it definitely is my second address,
 if i'm not home, this is where you'll find me.

while i consider myself an avid reader, 
this resource is so rich that i have only scratched the surface of what it provides.

i haven't bought a book in decades, 
all my favourite titles and all my future favourites are here.

we, as a family, haven't rented a dvd in years,
since the library now holds all the new releases and all the oldies but goodies.

my book club has read (without cost) over 50 titles as a group, 
 the library has a great selection of bookclub sets 
(included within are discussion questions). 

yup... it's my favourite place to spend time in.

what about you.... have you visited your local library lately ???



  1. I'm a big book reader, but I have enough un-read titles on my shelf to visit the library. My daughter, however, loves the library because she gets to socialise with kids from the area and also read books she doesn't have at home (and she has a lot). So we got for her. And it's great :)

    1. i have a large collection of need-to-be read books too... but the libarary is still a draw because it has all the new releases... my kids loved it when they were younger, now they are consumed with other things... i'm hoping they will find their way back again


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!