Wednesday, July 9, 2014

thrifted threads: shorts and sweets...

it's what i wore wednesday again folks...
and i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy 

summer is here...YAY !!!
the temperature in victoria, bc has been hovering in the mid 20s - just perfect.
summer dressing is so easy...  especially if you skip the ironing !!!
for this thrifted thread post, 
i'm wearing short shorts and sweet little embroidered tops.

this first top has dainty little flowers embroidered in the front.
the hand stitching is so intricate... i fell in love with it instantly
it was a part of ukrainian dance outfit that i found in a thrift shop a few years ago.
i altered the sleeves that originally were long and cuffed at the wrists.

the shorts are denim and perfect for those like me with not so long legs.
i'm sporting the same pair for all the photos...

this second embroidered top has a much bolder colour scheme to it, 
it has a definite mexican flare to it... don't you think?
the flowers are not hand embroidered but i love wide the band of colours
this is another thrifted treasure from a few months back.

finally, another white embroidered shirt.... 
but this one has the softest, thickest cotton of all three.
i love it because the softer and thicker the cotton, the less the ironing it needs.

not that i've actually touched an iron in the last couple of years ..LOL
i found this top in a garage sale during the moss street paint- in, last summer !!

summer is short and sweet...
so for summer , i'm wearing shorts and sweets !!!


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