Tuesday, July 15, 2014

i heart bubble gum

i love bubble gum.
i love chewing gum.
i love gum.

there are people in this world who get very annoyed with gum chewers... 
believe me, i have met some of them
(or they have introduced themselves to me....)

but despite their friendly or not so friendly attempts to dissuade me from further chewing...
i nibble on, but masticate i don't !!!

i chew gum for several reasons:
foremost, chewing gum helps relieve my car sickness and nausea.  
the minute i get into the passenger seat, my inner ear balance goes wonky... 
and the only thing that helps is a piece of gum. 
 without gum, you might as well pull out a stretcher for me once we reach our destination because my motion sickness is so debilitating.
i've tried acupressure wrist band, ginger, focusing on a fixed point, 
but nothing works better than a little pink piece of gum.

did you know that a tiny piece of gum helps relieve stress and it even helps one concentrate.
i don't know how much gum got me through my exams, papers, and thesis writing.
it's a terrible terrible vice... and yet, i don't smoke, drink, or do drugs.

finally, i chew gum because it is so much fun!!!
fyi:  i have recently reached the triple whammy level of gum chewing.
it took a lot of practise and hard work, but i did it.
to blow a triple whammy, you have to blow a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

but of course, despite the colourful, and powerful 25cent appeal of the gum machine
my gum of choice is sugarless...
(mostly, to avoid the wrath of my dentist)


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