Saturday, July 12, 2014

bbq in a zen garden

one of the best things about summer is a backyard bbq
but even better, is a bbq in a zen garden !!

we've been to several bbqs already this summer...
but this weekend, the ZEN setting for this get-together was so beautiful and inspiring.

like a japanese zen garden, the main structural piece of this garden were 
the dividing walls that compartmentalized the garden into different rooms.
there were walls of bamboo, both of living bamboo plants and a gazebo of bamboo fencing.

 the landscaping was brilliant in its simplicity... 
just carefully composed arrangement of rocks, water feature, pruned trees and bushes.

while zen gardens like this one were designed to stimulate meditation...  
this evening's agenda didn't include yoga mats but gathering with family and friends, 
garden games, good food and conversation and lots of laughter.

 the simplicity of the garden toss game was brilliant...
it brought together complete strangers, 
and it even engaged the shi-est of shy and shy-est of the shysters !
watch out for that flying piece of metal !!!!!

yes, it was a beautiful evening.
thank you thank you thank you
to our beautiful Kirsten for hosting such a z e n-sational bbq !!!

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