Friday, July 4, 2014

hippo birdie two ewe...

july 1st.... 
a very special birthday for two...

our harlow turned six, 
only forty two in doggie years !!!
if you haven't met this furry friend before you might want to read this:

for a special treat, we took him to ogden point, 
one of his favourite beaches,
for a quick dip...
 and a little downward dog (harlow style) on the warm rocks...

 he is so precious to us all...
and we love him sooooooo much !!!
 lots of hugs and kisses and some yummy chicken for our furry birthday boy !!!
mwah ! mwah ! mwah!

also... last but not the least,
 happy birthday canada!!!

last tuesday was a gorgeous evening so we all went down to 
victoria's parliament buildings to join the sea of red and white.

it was so warm and balmy... we didn't have to bring our parkas. 
(like we've worn on previous canada days...)

there were maple leafs everywhere...
and proud canadians of all sorts.

 the finale was a spectacular display of fireworks  !!!

against a backdrop of the beautifully lit silhouette of the parliament.

yes... the first of every july is a doubly special day !!!
we are truly blessed....


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