Friday, July 18, 2014

island hopping

we got OFF the our island for the weekend... hurray !!!!

it rarely happens for us, especially on a beautiful summer weekend, 
because riding the BC ferries is a big ordeal. 
(...that story will be for another blog)

this was a fun ferry ride!!!
we were going to newcastle island for a couple of nights of camping.
(for more of this story read... "camping on newcastle")
a small foot passenger ferry leaves from downtown nanaimo's 
maffeo sutton park, running every 30 minutes. 
there were no ferry waits or need for pre-boarding reservations....
apparently, this service is only available till the end of september, 
in the off-season you can arrange a ride or hire private boat rides.
but WAIT...
first things first!
we had to unload our camping gear off our car 
(parked in a lot over 300 metres away) and onto the boat. 

thank goodness for these wagons...
 because we brought a lot of stuff....
and yes... my son, you can bring your blanket...
make sure to pack it up tight !!!
the ferry ride was short and sweet... just the way i like it.
it's only a quick ten minute ride to newcastle island

and of course, 
we had to go through the whole process in reverse to go home at the end of the camping trip.
we were exhausted, needing a shower badly, and hungry from all the lugging of luggages...
thank goodness for our kind, friendly, and helpful captain 
who help us load our heavy stuff on board.

he had a wealth of information about the island... 
did you know that there was a resident albino raccoon ?  
why didn't we find this out on the way to newcastle instead of on our way home?
bye bye newcastle... see you next summer !!!


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