Thursday, July 24, 2014

playfair garden

we have been living in victoria for almost 20 years....
only this summer, did we discover playfair park.

what a hidden gem !!!

playfair park is considered one of saanich's best kept secrets. 
it is pretty well hidden... you would never know there was this 
gorgeous park in the middle of a residential area.

it has a garry oak meadow...
garry oaks are the only native oak trees in western canada.  
personally, i find them to be so beautiful... i love their gnarly tree trunks and how 
their follage creates a dappled effect on the sunshine.

playfair also has a large grove of mature rhododendrons and azaleas.

the light shade cast by the overstorey of garry oaks seems to be 
protecting the rhododendrons from the summer sun and the wind.

it was really late into the season when we visited, so the rhodos were close to finishing...
we will have to revisit them next spring at the height of their bloom.

 adjacent to the rhododendrons are rocky areas were you will find patches of camas bulbs,
 dogwood bushes, ocean spray and many other herbs and shrubs.

and last but not the least...
playfair has a three hundred foot perennial border, 
considered by many who have seen it to be as impressive as those of butchart gardens.
(i totally agree... it is beautiful !!!)

oh playfair, i'm so glad we finally found you...

we will have to come back... 
 it is a perfect place for a picnic !!!!



  1. Wow, a gem for sure. Looks like a great spot for a walk, and a picnic :)

  2. it is a beautiful spot...hope you have a great weekend


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!