Saturday, July 26, 2014


the moss street paint-in happened last saturday
it is probably one of my favourite events for the summer....

every year, moss street in victoria is closed from car traffic 
and all sorts of artists come out and showcase their talents

we always start at the top of the hill, by the art gallery, 
and walk down towards the beach then back.
will you come for a stroll with me ??

every year, locals and visitors come and fill the street.
this particular saturday turned out to be partly cloudy... 
so it was perfect lighting (not too sunny, not too much glare) 
for viewing all the different artistry.

there were several artists actually doing their craft on site 
or giving free scheduled demonstrations... 
it was so inspiring !!!

and several talented musicians filled the street with beautiful music.

 every year... 
something jumps out and grabs me...
this was my favourite... i've always adored wonder woman !!!
i just wished i took more photos of his work...


and there is Blythe with his woodpile collective !!!

there was a kids' corner and plenty of opportunity for all ages to leave an artistic mark...

it was a beautiful way to spend a saturday...



  1. seating for husbands...just need a big screen TV and we would be set


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!