Thursday, July 31, 2014

bridge over kicking horse

golden,bc was one of the stops during our summer road trip.
we chose a little, cozy motel in the city centre 
(very reasonably priced with two pools, a sauna and most importantly, free wifi... LOL)

it was a great choice, because directly across the road from it 
was this beautiful wooden bridge.

 it was called the kicking horse pedestrian bridge 
because it crossed over the kicking horse river.
you can access it in golden spirit square

 it is said to be the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in canada, 
measuring 46 meters (151 feet) across.and constructed of douglas fir timbers.

furthermore,  the bridge intersects the walking paths that circles the river. 
 this was definitely harlow's favourite part of our stay

i really loved it too, because i found a perfect bench to enjoy 
my morning cup of coffee, read my book,and people watch, 
while i waited for the rest of my travelling troop to wake up.

it's a definite must stop and see... if you are ever in golden, bc !



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    1. yes, it was a beautiful structure... don't you just love wooden bridges?


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!