Saturday, July 5, 2014

jam masters

every friday night, 
both my children put on their public speaking caps 
and make it to jam masters gavel club.

jam masters gavel club is a group of kids, from ages 8-17, 
that get together once a week to practice public speaking.

through a variety of different roles and activities,
 these kids learn to become confident speaking in front of others,
 as well as develop useful leadership skills.

 every week, each child can participate by choosing from the following roles:
table topics master
joke master
ah um counter
word master
quiz master
if a child is eager. she/he could choose more than one !!!

jam masters is a pressure-free environment where everyone 
is encouraged to work at their own pace... 
so if a child does not feel ready to participate, 
he/she is welcome to just to sit and watch.

but it won't be long, however,...before they join in, 
because as the children learn these valuable skills they are having so much fun.
my kids were quiet the very first session they attended then they quickly joined in.

this past friday, my son chose to be one of the table topic masters..
.the table topic master conducts the impromptu speaking portion of the meeting by presenting questions or situations, then calling on members at random to discuss the topic.

he prepared a couple of debate topics .... 
i.  if your child receives an acceptance letter to hogwarts... 
would you let him or her go, why or why not?

ii.  if you want to make a lot of money.... 
would you rather work to earn it or marry someone rich?

the discussions that followed were so varied and original and well presented... 
these children were fantastic!!!

it is an excellent venue for learning ...
even though each speaker gets evaluated, it is done in such a positive and 
encouraging manner (with lots of valuable tips for improvement).

did i mention that there is no cost to attend?
norvic toastmasters, the adult version of jam masters, sponsors all of this club's activities.

for me, the best part of jam masters is .....
that the parents get to stay and watch 
as their children turn into public speaking whiz kids!!!


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