Wednesday, July 16, 2014

thrifted threads: heatwave dress-up

what do you wear during a heat wave???
we have a couple of dress up functions these next few days... 
but it is soooo hot.
victoria, bc is in the middle of a heatwave... 
we are hitting temperatures 8 to 10 degrees celsius over the average for this time of year.

luckily... i have some easy sleeveless pieces to choose from
all three were thrifted, all a few years old, and all are that cool shade of gray/blue.

although each of these dresses are pretty casual, 
they are easily polished with a few simple accessories.

since i don't have pierced ears...
i have come to adore wearing necklaces of all kinds.

the pearl imitation necklace above was purchased in puerto vallarta, 
the blue beads directly below, i found on a thrift rack.
and the third necklace (one of my favourites) was from one of the 
local vendors in the moss street market.

it has been hot... we islanders are not use to this heat (but secretly, we are loving it)
it is rarely ever, that i don't wear some type of woolies once the ocean breezes 
start to blow in the evening.

getting to dress up for a special event is so much fun.
but to be able to wear a sleeveless dress, completely unlayered,  is itself an occasion !!!
now... i only have to choose from the three.



  1. it's the most unforgiving of all three...needs major spanx but it is a favourite ...LOL


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!