Thursday, July 10, 2014

this garden rocks ...

pssst... want to know a secret??
if you are ever in victoria, british columbia... you do not have to visit

 butchart gardens to see spectacular gardens... 

there are absolutely gorgeous gardens at government house, 
the home to bc's lieutenant governor,
all free for public viewing !!!

the grounds of government house is 38 acres of unique ecosystems, 
boasting about twenty unique gardens, including:
the bc native plant garden
the sunken rose garden
the heather alpine garden
the iris garden
the woodlands
the cut flower garden

come with me as i take you through my favourites- 
the english cottage garden and the rock garden !!!

this collection of gardens is so beautiful and expansive... 
you almost need several day trips just to thoroughly study each one.
ian and harlow and i come and visit often, 
because it is only about a 25 minute walk from our house.
as you descend upon the english cottage garden,
 there is this spot that reminds me of cinque terre in the italian country side.  
this is probably because government house sits on top of a hill and this part of the 
garden is terraced, so you start with views of these beautiful orchards.
the english garden is spectacular, 
with a wide walking path, and loads and loads of gorgeous flowers
i love how this cottage garden is arranged... 
i love its informal style and how it is a mixture of ornamental and edible plants.

harlow loves it because of all the interesting smells...

to get to the rock garden, you will have to follow the gorgeous rock steps.
there are quite a few of them so be sure to wear good walking shoes.

but the ascent into the rockeries is well worth the climb... 
because the rock garden display is stunning.
this rock garden is tended by the heather socieity of victoria.
(all volunteer based)
you'll never come by a more colorful rock face, 
there is a different type of succulent growing in crevices everywhere.
it gets really warm walking through the rockeries...
but there are so many beautiful benches along the way.
the last time we were in the rock garden, we counted at least twenty benches, 
each of them in a perfect spot for a spectacular view
and there are lots of shady spots to cool off, so inviting ...for little furry friends.

the last time we visited, we found something that we had never spotted before....
hidden within this rock mound and 
cleverly surrounded by irises to throw visitors off of its track...

was this beautiful water feature !!!

it was such a great find... to discover something totally new in such a familiar place.


it was perfect... because harlow was super thirsty...


p.s.  i'm dedicating this post to my little sister eleah and her husband walti... who use to live directly across from these gorgeous grounds


  1. Not even in my wildest dreams is my garden this lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us. I daydream about having a tiny perennial garden this beautiful.

    My garden tour this week comes from the high tunnel.

    1. not in my dreams either... i know government house have numerous volunteers to tend these gardens to make them look so beautiful... thanks for popping in

  2. Wow, just stunning! Thanks for sharing.

    1. glad you checked it out... this post only shows two of over twenty gardens in government house... stay tuned for the others (they are all quite spectacular)

  3. I loved those gardens so much! They were such a refuge and a sanctuary and to think that I only had to cross the street. Thanks for bringing me back there sis!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!