Tuesday, July 1, 2014

dipping into durrance

yesterday was another gorgeous day in victoria,
the temperature hovered in the high 20s so we spent the afternoon at durrance lake.

after all the floating paraphernalia were pumped and tested for leaks... 
the convoy was on their way...
even harlow had his own raft.

the largest of three lake in mount work regional park, 
durrance lake is the most accessible and a favourite of ours.    
the northern side of its shore has beautiful beaches and great spots to soak up some sun.

this spot is our favourite.... and by luck it's free every time we come.

  the water at durrance is cool and fresh for swimming.  
nestled in a valley carved between mount work and the neighbouring patridge hills, 
durrance lake is ringed with forested stopes.  

also, circling the lake,  is a well-groomed path which gives way to a narrow twisting hiking trail  for all the "i'd rather be hiking" folks like harlow and me!!!

after a ride around the lake, harlow is ready to be on solid ground again.
he is content to watch all the action from the beach 
and to play with all the other dogs that come to the park.

but it's hard to get the children out of the water...
they are strong swimmers and feel very comfortable in the water.

at times... i think that they are a little bit too comfortable for my liking !!!
 because all the splashing gets out of control.

you know that summer has definitely arrived after that first refreshing dip in the lake.
a few weeks ago it was far too cold for such a treat... 
but now, the swim suits and towels will remain on the clothesline, 
ready for the next visit to our swimming hole.

two things i know for sure after an afternoon at the lake....
they are going to be hungry....
and they are going to sleep well !!!


happy canada day to all my canadian family and friends !!!


  1. Oh that looks like a great spot. Kinda wish it was close by, it is hovering around 40 degrees with the humidity today...so hot.

    Happy Canada Day!!!

    1. i hope it cools down a bit for you soon !!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!