Thursday, March 19, 2015

travelling tight and light

the journey changes you
-it should change you.
it leaves marks on your memory,
on your consciousness,
on your heart,
and on your body.
you take something with you...
hopefully, you leave
something good behind.

                   - anthony bourdain

our little holiday down the west coast is almost over
we are heading north today and should be home by/before the weekend.
it has been quite the adventure!!!

we've seen lots of beautiful sceneries and spectacular hikes,
met and talked to so many friendly people,
 found comfort and rest in so many different motel/hotel rooms,
stopped in so many eateries, grocery stores, corner stores to fill our hungry bellies,
and discovered so many yummy gelato stands.

we've been a travelling unit since the kids were babies...
and now, harlow is usually with us unless we have to fly.
being confined in small spaces throughout this trip, 
we were forced to travel tight and light!!
(we drove down in a hyundai sonata, shared one room accommodations, and only one suitcase each),

but through all this tightness and lightness...
we have learned more about each other (the kids tell me i if ?!?),
  how to give each other space (both physically and mentally),
how to be patient and how to comfort each other,
and how to enjoy each other's company.
it's the kind of stuff we kinda already knew but still need a lot of practise with.

yup... it's been a lot of fun but this momma is ready to go home!!!

p.s.  we found this gorgeous tiled concrete sitting area on our walk into the town of healdsburg... don't you love the red phone???


  1. The memories created on these kinds of trips are the best, and last forever. I am so glad you guys had a great time. Safe travels home. I bet you can't wait to sleep in your own bed :)

    1. You are right...all of us are dreaming of our own beds and bedrooms by now !!! But it has been such a great trip and we are all kinda sad it's almost over.

  2. Great series of images- really clever how you shot these of your family.
    Is this spring vaction for you? Ours start last week of March.
    Well soak it up whatever you have left- enjoy.

    1. Thanks Camilla, I love outtakes more than the posed photographs... i think you can read the story of the picture better from them. Yup... this is our march break (two whole weeks when the kids are mine mine mine)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!