Tuesday, March 17, 2015

knitting and reading: 03/17/15

my fuchsia scrap blanket is slowly growing.

i brought this knitting project with me on our travels and it has been so much fun having it to grab during the long stretches of driving that we have had to do.

did you know that this colour spectrum is such a difficult combination to work with unless you have a lot of good light... after dusk, it is so hard to differentiate between the purples and browns, between the fuchsias and reds, between purl and knit (LOL)
i am still reading nepo's 'the endless practise'
and i've also picked up the current issue of common ground.

this issue has a great collection of food related articles (my favourite was the write up on mindfullness eating)... 
i'm impressed at how much thicker the american publication is 
and how much glossier its cover is compared to the canadian issues.
it is always so much fun reading free publications from the all cities we visited.
what are you knitting and reading?
care to share?


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  1. Your blanket is looking great! That magazine looks really interesting.

  2. Love the scrap blanket! I haven't heard of that magazine before, but I am going to look for it now!

  3. There are some color combinations that really require proper lighting to see it well. I'm working with some green and grey and it's tough to distinguish sometimes. That sounds like an intriguing magazine.

  4. Love the colours in your blanket!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!