Monday, March 23, 2015

hello monday 03/23/15

i am back from holidays... feeling rested, refreshed and ready.

hello friends, welcome to 'hello monday
where i link up with lisa 
and greet the brand new week and all its wonderful gifts.
hello back to school and back to work... march break is over for another year and our bouquet of pencils have been re-sharpened for a brand new term at school.  

hello clean house... after living out of a suitcase and in motels and hotels for two weeks, i tackled our home with renewed energy to clean, scrub and and even organize little corners.  for once, cleaning was like an endorphine rush (or maybe it's also because my mom-in-law is coming to visit in just over a week)

hello finished laundry... we each took only one small suitcase and that amounted to only two loads after two weeks (all washed and  already hung to dry)...imagine if we could live out of a different suitcase for a week, 52 weeks of the year?
hello meeting up with friends... i've booked coffee/tea meet-ups with some friends later today and more this week.  there is so much to catch up on...if only they would read my blog!!!

hello mowing the lawn...spring sprung in victoria a month ago and even then, we ignored our fast-growing lawn.  our neighbours told us that we missed a lot of rain while we were away. every thing in the yard has doubled in size since we left, especially the grass.

hello sorting travel pictures... i took almost three thousand pictures during our trip... the deletable ones i've already deleted.  don't you just love going through holiday pictures and reliving all the beautiful moments?
hello backyard... the forecast  for the next couple of days is for sun.  guess where i'm gonna be? here's a little hint. (it doesn't look quite like that yet but it's getting there...)

wishing you a beautiful start to your week!!!



  1. Sounds like you have settled back in, enjoy your week!

    1. thanks Kim... i'm so loving being home again.

  2. I always come home from a trip with renewed energy and it looks like you do too. I hope you enjoy a great week catching up with friends and enjoy the sun, we have rain all week.

    1. yes... i was actually dreaming of cleaning on the ride back!!!I I always need a little time away from this space to see it all new again. Hope you get glimpses of sun this week Tracey


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!